Have you ever heard of Hookah or Shisha?

Now we don’t want to get into the argument of smoking and its harms. We just want to talk about the ways that a person can enjoy having a waterpipe moment.
Nowadays, you can find lots of places which call themselves a Shisha Bar. Some of them have just some waterpipes and they simply put the tobacco on and the water in the container and voila .
Others, have a deep knowledge of Shisha and prepare it the way it is supposed to be and have a variety of products and offer you a chance to enjoy them with customized preparation.
If you are in Tokyo and want to enjoy a Shisha or Hookah, you better go to places where they are professionals and can offer you a high quality product.
Roppongi is where many foreigners go to have a good time. There are many places in Roppongi where you can find Shisha, but are they all the same quality?
Do they really know what they are doing? If you care about the quality of your Shisha, we can offer you a suggestion.
Sheyda Bar in Roppongi, is where MANY other places order their Shisha tobacco and the Hookah themselves from. If you go there and have a real Hookah experience, you will know the reason why.
In Sheyda you can literally choose your Hookah from a variety of shapes and forms, then you can choose your preferred flavor, then you can decide if you want it prepared with regular water, iced water, milk, or even a hint of alcohol in it...