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Hookah flavors include:

The taste of light hookah

People who smoke hookah know what flavors are light and heavy, and they also know the best flavors of hookah. Light and heavy water hookah means the amount of feeling after using it, because some people feel lively and headache while others feel headaches and headaches and their so-called low blood pressure. We decided to guide you.













And it gives you the taste of tobacco with the feeling it gives you.

The best flavors of light hookah are:
Fruit hookah has recently become popular in cafes and cafes and has become very popular. Below are some of the light and heavy flavors of hookah.

Peppermint, lemon, cantaloupe, oranges, peaches, cucumbers, pears, bananas, green grapes and light-colored kits are generally marketed as light tobacco. It should be noted, however, that the lightest type of fruit tobacco is the lemon and peppermint tobacco, which makes the human being very relaxed.













Sometimes the combination of some of these tobacco makes it feel very enjoyable. Like: Mint Lemon, Mint Peach, Coconut Milk, Coffee Milk ...
One piece of advice: Do not be afraid, especially mint with anything.

Heavy hookah flavors include:
The fruity taste of two apples is the heaviest fruit tobacco in the group of hot tobacco. Tobacco uses more chemicals that cause anxiety, stress, and anxiety when used.

Two apples, watermelon, sour apple, cherry, black grape, cappuccino, wine, and dark-colored packs are generally heavy tobacco.












There is also a compound that is used in heavy hookahs such as: cherry blossom. Peppermint mint and ....
Well horny bar gives you the best kind of ingredients and the best kind of tobacco as well as the wonderful ingredients.
Although waterpipe smoking is very harmful to the body, well-seasoned and experienced people use quality tobacco and charcoal.
Even try the hookah hookah once.

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